Resilience in Business, Full-Day Course, Stockholm, October 20, 2017

Dr Ann Christine Langselius and Linda Bjork are coming to Stockholm, Sweden, to teach the depths and every-day practice of due diligence and mind skills. "Resilience in Business" is a strategic and experiential full-day course for professionals who want to secure their future in business by learning how to be personally and organizationally resilient.    

The demands in business have never been higher: stakes are high, risk is high, speed is high, sick-leave is high, disengagement is high, and stress is off the charts.

  • Too many professionals find themselves in unchartered territory, confused about what steps will work.
  • Too many brilliant people are giving up or settling for less than their potential.
  • Too much talent is wasted on unproductive focus.
  • So many teams could blossom if they only knew how. 

As we experience all these challenges and changes, we need specific methods to be resilient. We need to perform in the immediate and know how to simultaneously prepare for vital next steps. As active high-level business professionals, Langselius and Bjork are here to share the very experiences and tools that will make you and your company resilient in business. 

Snapshot of The Program Founders and Seminar Leaders:

Dr Ann-Christine Langselius sure knows how to pitch - and win! Here, accepting the winner's award at the 2016 Circular Board pitch competition with The UN, Dell, Johnson & Johanson and The Guggenheim Foundation.

As the Founder/CEO and Chief Innovator of Miraculum, Dr Ann-Christine is celebrating a victory of "best Nordic startup in the US" at the SXSW Nordic Pitch Battle 2016. Driving innovation to market is part of Langselius' core expertise.

When Bjork and her methods of meditation and mind-training end up on the front-page of largest financial newspaper in the Nordic, Dagens Industri (March 2016), you know these are tools to get your hands on! 

With more than 3500 copies sold, Bjork's book "INNER BUSINESS Training Your Mind for Leadership Success" (Balboa Press, 272 pages) more and more people are getting to know their own Mr Stress, Mr Ego and Mr Autopilot - vital for business success..


You will walk away from this DAY WITH...

  • A roadmap for due diligence as it relates to resilience
  • Methods how to read people in business situations
  • Enriched with several new tools for stress resilience and personal power
  • Capable of handling set-backs, adversity and other mental pressures that come with being a business professional
  • New tools for how to influence people in a true way
  • Equipped with a new high-level network with instant connections


Full-day course/workshop "Resilience in Business"

DATE: Friday, October 20, 2017

TIME: 8.00-17.00. Course starts at 9.00 sharp.

PLACE: Haymarket by Scandic, Hötorget, Stockholm, Sweden

FEE: Full-day course, all course material, lunch and fika 7995kr/person (free of Swedish VAT "moms").

WORKSHOP LEADERS: Dr Ann Christine Langselius and Linda Bjork

Schedules are provided to all workshop attendees.

Can't make this date?

"Resilience in Business" will also be held January 26, 2018 in New York City. Registration will open October 1, 2017.

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